WATCH: Washington Mayor Joe Wellman gives an update on what is happening in the city

March 26, 2014 2:24 PM
Washington Mayor Joe Wellman

Washington Mayor Joe Wellman

By Sabrina Westfall

Washington Mayor Joseph Wellman said there is a lot going on in Washington that residents are not able to see.

The City of Washington is undergoing a three phase renovation of the water system which could take up to 15 years, according to the mayor.

“The first phase has many pieces to it. Most of it is underground that the public can’t see,” Wellman explained.

The city is currently replacing a water main that stretches the majority of the city’s width. He said the main is anywhere between 60 and 100 years old, and they have experienced many issues involving line breaks in the last few years.

The city is also upgrading the water treatment plant and well fields.

“The most visible is new water tower at the intersection of US 50 and I-69,” Wellman said.

The 600,000 gallon water tower will provide additional volume and water pressure to the east side of the city.

He added there has been a lot of growth at that corridor and along US 50, which they are planning for continuous development.

In addition, Wellman listed a series of events that are upcoming.

German American Bank will be co-sponsoring a Clean Up day with the city Saturday, April 8.

Perdue Foods will be co-sponsoring a Clean Stream Project April 26 to help clean the waterways in Washington.

In conjunction with the Clean Stream Project, the Storm Water and Clean Community group will host an event on Main Street, which will include earth day at the library.

The local March of Dimes event will be hosted April 12. Wellman said this event draws a lot of people to Washington.

The Waterworld of Washington will be reopening in May.

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