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Vincennes Street & Sanitation Department Lists the Items Accepted and Collected for Recycling 

(Vincennes, Indiana)  The Vincennes Street & Sanitation Department has a list of items that they can and cannot accept.

There are many different items that the Street & Sanitation Department can pick up which include plain white paper, computer/blue bar paper, copy paper, printer paper (staples and color ink can be on these sheets), color paper, file folders, junk mail/envelopes, sticky notes, magazines and catalogs with glossy paper, newspaper and phone books.

Cardboard and paperboard (corrugated and paperboard) will be collected.

Aluminum cans, foil, and pie pans will be collected but need to be rinsed and flattened if that is possible.

Steel and bi-metal cans, metal lids from jars need to be rinsed out.  The labels from these items do not need to be removed.

Any plastics #1 through #7 will be accepted which include milk jugs, water jugs, soda bottles, etc. These labels do not need to be removed.

Glass products are accepted, but please try not to break the glass.


The following items will NOT be collected or accepted:

Gift Wrap, wax-coated boxes, milk cartons, juice cartons, styrofoam, animal food bags, motor oil bottles.




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