Vincennes Redevelopment Commission discusses Main Street Project

March 20, 2014 1:16 PM
Vincennes City Hall

Vincennes City Hall

By Sabrina Westfall

A proposal was brought before the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission Thursday to apply for an $8.9 million construction project for Main Street.

Judy Thomann, with Bernadin, Lochmueller and Associates, Inc., presented the proposal to the RDC. If accepted for the federally aided project, the city would be responsible for a 20 percent match.

Thomann explained this is an expansion on the Main Street proposal that was denied in the past, which concentrated on the area near Clark Middle School. The plan was rejected because it was focused on an already urbanized area.

“They felt like it was a sidewalk to nowhere,” Thomann explained about the denial.

The newly proposed Main Street project would stretch from 22nd Street to Henry Sievers Road. Engineer Chad Gibson explained this project would widen the 1.36 mile stretch of Main Street from the current 22-foot road to 33-feet roadway. The widened road will be three lanes with a turn lane in the center.

This will also include an elevated sidewalk on the south side of the road, relocating the sewer line and bridge rehabilitation over Oliphant Ditch.

The total cost of the project would be $8,893,250, with the city responsible for a 20 percent match. Gibson noted Knox County would be responsible for a portion of that cost because they own the bridge along Main Street and there is a joint ownership between the city and county of the area from Ramsey Road to Henry Sievers Road.

Gibson presented an itemized project cost for the project, based on if the Sanitary Sewer Relocation costs were eligible for federal reimbursement. If the sewers were reimbursed, the estimated cost of the project for the city would be $1,168,400 and without reimbursement would be $1,704,400.

The estimated cost to the county would be $610,250.

Thomann noted the reason for presenting the proposal Thursday was the call for the projects has been moved to May first, and applications will be due June 13.

Vincennes resident Dode Hall stressed he felt the project would be a waste of taxpayer money, but redevelopment commissioner Marc McNeese stressed there has been an influx of traffic since the new school was built.

Redevelopment commissioner Brad Dale stressed he believes the old Kmart building will be torn down, and this project could help draw in industry.

No action was taken on the proposal at Thursday’s meeting.

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