Vincennes City Council takes a moment to honor the late Pat Clark

May 27, 2014 9:10 PM
A black ribbon and single flower marked the seat of the late Vincennes City Councilman Pat Clark.

A black ribbon and single flower marked the seat of the late Vincennes City Councilman Pat Clark.

By Sabrina Westfall
The Vincennes City Council took a moment to remember the late Pat Clark during the regular meeting Tuesday.
Council Vice President Pat Clark stressed the long time council member will be missed.
“I think everybody knows we lost a longtime council member in Mr. Clark. He is going to be missed. He was a colorful, articulate person, and we always wandered what he was going to do next,” Brown said.
The council welcomed a new member Tuesday night. Ashley Morris attended her first city council meeting. She filled the spot of TJ Brinks, who stepped down from the position after taking a new job.
In other business, the council approved the second and third readings of ordinance 14-2014, which is an additional appropriation of $24,000 from the Riverboart Fund for Animal Welfare.
They also approved the second and third readings of an additional appropriation from EDIT fund in the amount of $6,160.52 to pay BLA.
Clerk-treasurer Dave Culp mentioned to the council he would like to consider having a set of eyes on the annual Tax Abatement Benefits that are turned in each year.
Culp said County Auditor Cathy Lane has brought up the issue of some cities finding money after a professional looked over tax information.
Culp noted there are no more than seven tax abatements in the City of Vincennes, but if for some reason they are not following their original agreement, their abatement could be revoked and potentially bring in tax revenue the city had not been seeing.
Councilman Tim Salters stressed this idea was not being brought forth due to suspecting someone was not follwoing their agreement, but as a precautionary measure.
The council decided in the future the items should be forwarded to the Budget and Finance Committee for review.
“All I’m looking for is lost money,” Culp said, noting he is not against the abatements.
Culp informed the council due a change in funding with the Department of Local Government and Finance, the city does not have the full $257,000 budgeted for the road and street rehabilitation project in the EDIT fund.
The mayor said as the bills come in for the project, they can appropriate additional funding from other sources, like the CCD, to cover the cost.
Linda Frederick with the Vincennes Housing Authority presented a check to the city in the amount of $33,000 in lieu of taxes. She explained the actual amount would have been $52,259 but their office saw budget cuts this year. She said she hopes next year the office will not see such steep cuts.


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