Two Winslow Men Rescued & Two Men Still Missing After Boat Capsizes At The Patoka Reservoir

March 31, 2013 12:34 PM


Indiana Conservation Officers were called to to the Patoka Reservoir at around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night, after a fisherman heard cries coming from the Hoosier Hills Marina.

According to Conservation Officers,  a boater went to the location of the cries and rescued two Winslow men, 24 year-old Laban King and 27 year-old Jacob King.   While the two were being transported to an area hospital, emergency crews learned that their boat had capsized and that there were two other people still missing.

Rescuers searched the water and weren’t able to locate 22 year-old Ryan Dowdell of Winslow and 23 year-old Matt Buroker of Evansville.    Both were still considered missing as of this morning as searchers combed the banks and the water looking for both victims.

According to Conservation Officers, the guys were participating in a bow fishing tournament, when their boat capsized in the 45 degree water.

Both Laban and Jacob were transported to an area hospital and treated for symptoms of  hypothermia.

Indiana Conservation Officers strongly  recommend the use of life jackets while on or near the water. A wearable life jacket is required by law for every person in a boat on public waters.

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