Town of Patoka Approves Hiring of New Town Marshal

February 12, 2013 8:28 AM

new police officer


At the most recent meeting of the Patoka Town Board, the board elected to hire Patoka resident, Darryl Chamberlain to serve as its next Town Marshal. The vote was a unanimous vote and he was approved to begin his Marshal duties immediately.

Over the next couple of weeks Chamberlain will be conducting inventory of the department equipment, getting acquainted with his new office, and getting his patrol car equipped and ready for regular patrols. The Town Board also authorized funds to purchase a new duty firearm and other uniform accessories that Marshal Chamberlain will need to conduct his duties. Currently, the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department is handling gun permits for town residents; Marshal Chamberlain will eventually resume these duties.

Darryl Chamberlain brings 14 years of Law Enforcement experience to the Patoka Police Department. He is currently the Assistant Jail Commander, holding the rank of Lieutenant, at the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office. He is also a Special Deputy at the Sheriff’s Office where he is assigned to road patrol duties. He will remain employed with the Sheriff’s Department in addition to holding the position of Patoka Town Marshal.

Through the Sheriff’s Office he is a certified First Responder, Breath Test Operator, and certified in use of TASER.  Darryl is a Pepperball instructor/armorer, cell extraction instructor/commander. He has received specialized training in meth labs and SWAT tactics.

He has received recognition as Correction Officer of the Year, Reserve Deputy of the Year, Special Deputy of the Year, as well as 500+ hours of Volunteer Service as a Reserve Deputy.

Residents are encouraged to come and meet the new Marshal at the next Town Board meeting on March 5th, at 7pm.

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