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Local radio station changes format from Max to Jack FM 

radio stations

radio stations


By: Chris Richardson

(Vincennes, Indiana) —  There have been a lot of changes lately with radio stations and media groups.  If they’re not selling-off to big corporations, they’re switching formats.

One local radio station in Vincennes switched formats today.  WFML, which is being leased to DLC Media and owned by Dave Crooks, made a format switch earlier today.   Crooks tweeted this announcement, “DLC Media just flipped formats in Vincennes. “Playing What We Want ” Jack 96.7 FM WFML Radio.”

WFML had been playing Max, Classic Rock until today when they flipped to Jack FM, a variety, adult hits format.  This format plays hit songs from the late 1960’s through the 2000’s.

Jack FM is a syndicated music network, which is heard in 40 markets, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and San Diego.

WFML studio’s are located in Vincennes.




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