|Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Linenburg’s retire from Vincennes Tractor & Supply 

Facebook:  Vincennes Tractor and Supply, Inc


Facebook:  Vincennes Tractor and Supply, Inc

Facebook: Vincennes Tractor and Supply, Inc


(Vincennes, Indiana) — A big name in the Vincennes area, Rick Linenburg, announced this week he is retiring and selling his ownership in Vincennes Tractor.

Linenburg made this announcement after several days of long range rumors that flew around like fire in the Knox County area.

Prior to the announcement a letter from Vincennes Tractor was released on their Facebook page stating they would like to announce the retirement of Rick and Debbie Linenburg from the dealership.

The letter went on to state that the owners, management, and staff of Vincennes Tractor, Inc. want to thank Rick and Debbie Linenburg for their 36+ years of tireless dedication, honesty, integrity, and leadership at Vincennes Tractor, Inc.

“They have both been a valuable assest to this company, this area, and the customers we serve. They have worked tirelessly to keep Vincennes tractor in front of the competition in so many different areas. They both will truly be missed,” stated Wayne Johnson, co-owner in the release.

Prior to the release, rumors were flying that police had raided the store and that there had been arrest made. Rumors on social media sites were so bad, that people were wanting to know why there was no news media coverage on the rumors.

Indiana State Police stated over the weekend, “There are a lot of rumors going around concerning Vincennes Tractor. We are NOT conducting any type of criminal investigation involving Vincennes Tractor.”  State Police Public Information Officer Todd Ringle stated in an email.

On Monday, a letter from the Linenburg’s was posted to the Vincennes Tractor’s Facebook page.

In the letter the Linenburg’s wanted to inform people of a change at Vincennes Tractor, Inc. and that he and his wife, Debbie, were retiring from Vincennes Tractor, Inc.

Linenburg stated “We have been a part of Vincennes Tractor, Inc. since 1978. In fact, it truly has been our lives. In the last 36 years, Vincennes Tractor, Inc. has grown and served the area well, and it will do so in the future! We have left Vincennes Tractor, Inc. in very capable hands and they will be able to serve the area well into the future.”

Linenburg also stated in the release that his son, David, and daughter, Jennifer, will be leaving the dealership as well, as he had sold his ownership in Vincennes Tractor, Inc.

In June of this year, The Knox County Chamber of Commerce announced Vincennes Tractor, Inc. as the recipient of the 2014 “Business of the Year” award.