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How Dugger is saving itself 

Section of Main Street, Dugger, Indiana
Section of Main Street, Dugger, Indiana

Section of Main Street, Dugger, Indiana. Photo from Flickr

I got the inspiration for this blog post from CBS National Columnist, Gregg Doyel. Doyel was a guest on the Dan Dakich radio show a few weeks ago on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis.

Here is the blog entry i am referencing if you want to look along while I talk about times I have spent in Dugger.  http://www.cbssports.com/general/feature/24657179/saved-by-the-ball

I used to go up to Dugger a couple times a year because my aunt and uncle lived on the Sullivan/Greene County line. Dugger, for those who don’t know, is located in Eastern Sullivan County, 6 miles from Sullivan and 6 miles from Linton. My aunt and uncle had land up there and I would go fishing or ride around the farm with them on a four wheeler.

A few years ago, my good friend, Tom Lee who broadcasts North Knox Football for WUZR Radio out of Bicknell could not do the game and neither could his sidekick, Ed Elliott. It was a rare Saturday Afternoon game because it was Coal Fest weekend. The Coal Festival is like the Blue Jeans Fall Fest in Monroe City. It is the talk of the town. It ended up Terry Wornica, who broadcasted Pike Central football on WBTO at the time and I did the game. Let’s just say the field at Dugger is unique.

The field reminds me of going to a football game at the YMCA in Vincennes. There were not many bleachers, so what did the locals do? They pulled up trucks, got out the grill, and tailgated to watch the football game. I don’t know any other school in Indiana that this practice is allowed. North Knox won the game, but of all of the football games I have been a part of the broadcast team, radio or tv, this was the most unique high school game. Calling a game at Lucas Oil Stadium last year was interesting, but I have to say the Dugger is the most unique place to call a football game.

Dugger is a blue-collar, get it done town. They may have been down when Northeast Sullivan School Corporation decided to close the high school, but local community members did not give up. According to the article, neither did those who are enrolling their kids in the new Union Dugger High School.  In 2013-14, Dugger Schools had 323 students. As of earlier this week, they had 320 students registered and school does not start until next week.

Do I think the idea of the Northeast Sullivan School Corporation backfired . . . YES! It backfired because the community decided to take a stand! They saw what happened to Pleasantville. They saw what happened to Cass Township. They did not want that to happen to their town.

To those in Dugger that may read this, I personally wish you nothing but the best and GO BULLDOGS!