WATCH: Washington High School showcases clubs

March 14, 2014 10:42 AM


Jenna Johnson, with the Washington High School Student Council, helped with the food display during the 2014 Hatchet Highlight.

Jenna Johnson, with the Washington High School Student Council, helped with the food display during the 2014 Hatchet Highlight.

By Sabrina Westfall

Washington High School welcomed the community Thursday night to learn more about clubs and organizations.

Superintendent Dan Roach said the second annual Hatchet Highlight has proven a success to help the community understand what is going on in the school.

“It’s really an opportunity to highlight what does go on, but the fact that there again, the public in general, without coming into the school, does not have a concept of what education is producing and what the school of today is,” Roach explained.

He continued by saying he wanted the community to understand the school of today is not just sitting in a row and raising their hands.

Band Director Doug Sydow explained all the clubs are able to showcase their talents and give the community an idea of the number of projects being completed.

“Every club and org has put a display up to describe what doing and what they are about,” Sydow explained.

Teachers also got involved in the event with a soup cook-off. Teachers created their best soups, and patrons were able taste soups and vote on their favorite.

Roach noted there will be a trophy floating around the school to the teacher that makes the best soup.

Students were very interactive with visitors at their booths and mingling with patrons.

Mary Barnard, representing the Freshman Academy, said this is a fun way for students to show off their hard work.

“This is an event where all the different departments of Washington High School can represent what they do during the year and throughout the year … It’s important because all the department get to express what they’re doing and show their creative side, and all the public gets to see how they are working on everything,” the student explained.

Art student Juan Vincente explained he enjoyed the event because it shows how he has grown as an artist.

“Art club is a place where you can express yourself even farther. Mr. Wilkins will help you expand yourself as an art student. You can freely express what you have inside of you, from basic drawing all the way to painting. I’ve been able to show that I can truly be an artist,” he explained.

Members of the Grammy-nominated Beatles cover band Liverpool Legends were also at the high school to promote the arts.

Kevin Mantegna, as John, and Marty Scott, as George, were mingling with the crowd Thursday night to talk about the music programs. Washington High School is one of the many stops on the “Keep Music Alive Tour”.

“We are going into some of the schools and doing a big show with the students, the bands, choirs and orchestras, to promote music education in schools,” Scott explained. ” It’s usually the first thing to get cut these days, is the music programs. So, we thought, what a good way to get the kids involved and the Beatles bring everyone together, so that’s why we’re here.”

Mantegna added, “Music and arts are always important for everyone.”

The Liverpool Legends will be performing with band and choir students in the Washington High School Auditorium at 7 p.m. Friday.

Tickets will be $35 at the door.

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